Black through the Prism / 17-3 - 25-3-2016



The exhibition Black through the Prism organized by the Club of Art History Students will be opened on 17 March 2016 at 7 p.m.

Black through the Prism is a project that aims at enabling cooperation between the creatively oriented faculties and young artists in a form of a joint presentation of works that have been collected via open call. We have chosen thirty eight young artist that filtrated black through their own creative prisms. The result of these different considerations and experiences of black are presented in a form of an exhibition that is characterized by diversity of media and by careful observations through the prism of blackness, which fragment it into the spectra of emotional impulses, indicating the presence of dark in all of us. This darkness of ours – our personal chaos – motivates us to fix our own cosmos in which we vainly try to find order and meaning. Through the conventions that are labelled as black, such as sadness and fear, we experience pain that distances us from the empirical and pushed us into introspection and search of our own identity as long as we, while trying on different masks and sewing our own shades, do not create a silhouette of ourselves, the one we are ready to accept as our own. Perhaps this perfection is at the same cold and indefinitely erotic, like black leather that kisses our skin and makes us stronger by diminishing everything that is outwardly. Maybe it is a moment in which we begin to distinguish lighter shades in the dark; not every black is equally black, and all the backs are not really black. Non-color that defies mimesis indicates that a canvas covered in black is actually full of light, and the only truly black is the chaotic darkness, out of which we came and where we will undoubtedly end. Some might try to find order in this chaos, we tried the same with the chosen pieces, which reflect our visceral needs, desires and fears; we tried to assemble them and create an aesthetic experience that we are now glad of handing over to you and your individual prisms.

Presented artists:

Banović, Valentina
Bašić, Ines
Drinković, Vitar
Elezović, Lora
Fanjek, Nikolina
Habus, Iva
Hatvalić, Luka
Horvatinović, Judita
Jurčević, Lorena
Kovačević, Igor
Lisenko, Daria
Majcen, Martina
Martinović, Mia
Miličić, John
Modraković, Tanja
Pavletić, Tena
Pernjek, Stella
Pipal, Ivana
Pranjić, Tea
Pugelnik Stipeč, Tin
Racetin, Vicko
Radevska, Andrijana
Radnić, Carla
Riznić, Ana
Rusan, Klara
Sablić, Nino
Sardelić, Marko
Sladović, Mihaela
Šagud, Vlatko
Šindilj, Veronika
Šokčević, Ana
Šoštarec, Irena
Šoštarec, Marina
Tintor, Hana
Tomić, Andrej
Vilenica, Benedikta
Vojak, Dijana
Vunak, Jelena

Ivana Mlinarić
Iva Neljak
Tina Petković
Katarina Puljko
Toni Zadravec

Iskrena vina Matković
Jamnica d.d.

Special thanks to Sara Đurkas and Petra Grubišić. 

The exhibition will be on view until 25 March 2016

Free admission

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