The Real World

authors Smiljan Radic, Marcela Correa
project House A, Talca, Chile
written by Alan Kostrenčić


My grandfather came to Chile in 1919 from Brač, Croatia. The vision of an immigrant moves between a sense of estrangement from the surrounding world and need to see things from a productive standpoint; the making of objects, situations, and memories takes on a new, unexpected dynamic. In this way, I still try to consider myself an immigrant...[1]

Smiljan Radic


Different worlds exist simultaneously, in parallel, one past another, and only occasionally do these worlds glance, and sometimes touch each other. Wonder or, on the other hand, not belonging are some of those moments when we raise our head from the lethargy of our own selfish existence in order to participate in life as exchange and change of both ourselves and others, in order to leave existence and enter becoming.

[1]From the interview with Smiljan Radic by José Castillo in the magazine Bomb, Issue 106, Winter 2009.