Transparent Container for All Times

Text was produced on the basis of conversation with the arcitect Verica Marsić (held on 29th December 2008 by Andrija Rusan and Vera Grimmer)

architect Božidar Rašica
project Mašinogradnja Pavilion, Zagreb Fair, Zagreb, Croatia
written by Vera Grimmer


By its meaningfulness, essentiality, and above all, by its megaron clarity (this term was coined by professor Tonči Žarnić), the Mašinogradnja (Engineering Industry) Pavilion at the Zagreb Fair fascinates today, as it did fifty years ago when it was created. This work by Božidar Rašica – a painter, scenographer, avant-garde artist, and professor who ‘used to open doors’ to his students, but primarily an architect – represents a firm point for a more ambitious architectural sightseeing tour in Zagreb.