Wild Toilette Art

author Borut Vild
written by Branislav Dimitrijević


One of the first changes made in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade in 2001, after the Milosevic era, on the appointment of a new lady director and a rejuvenation of the staffing was in the toilet signs – men’s and women’s, which is the usual case. The toilets themselves were a vivid image of the neglect the Museum had undergone under the previous management and one of the first things to be remodelled in line with a more urbane manner of evacuation. In the very second show, the international exhibition of contemporary art called Conversations, Borut Vild, the new Art Director of the Museum, started off a series of new signs for the toilets, men’s and women’s, signs that changed as exhibition gave way to exhibition. In the first version, these signs were part of the graphic design for the visual identity of the whole project, but then came abstract associations or allusions to the anatomical and functional symbolism of the whole conventional distinction between men and women.