Happy Children

architects Dražul Glušica arhitekti
project Kindergarten, Mošćenička Draga, Croatia
written by Ida Križaj Leko


The advocates of the Reggio Emilia educational approach claim that the environment plays an active role in the process of learning, playing and overall development of the child's potential. This is why they also call it the third teacher. The Grobnički Tići kindergarten in Mošćenička Draga is aware of the third teacher, which is evident in the architectural design of the spatial and material environment. The child is perceived as an active kindergarten user, and the rigid modernist dogma where the architect creates the space completely, putting the user into the state of a passive consumer, is consciously rejected.


The kindergarten is located in a potent location that speaks very vividly about the littoral and mountainous environment, wrapped by Mount Učka on its back side and overlooking the sea from its front side. The architects themselves were able to choose this location for the kindergarten, thus mastering the wider context as a precondition for the successful formation of the spatial and material environment.