A Gesture, A Stroke, Not a Stain

architect Neven Šegvić
project Dotrščina Museum, Zagreb, Croatia, 1980.
written by Nenad Fabijanić

Memory (checked) by the memory of a memory. 
To carry a message, to gather experience, to keep time, and adopt a place of important truths and lasting significance is an imperative that must be directed toward civilizational goals, founded as a true object of thought, human correctives and warnings.
The sustainability of memory affirms the collective, common truth of life and death. The conditions of truthfulness are (or should be) transformed into the conceptual-formative principle of each monumental form. There is reason why a dedication, shaped according to the theme, is bound and forever faithful to its intact, empty place.

... Somewhere behind Maksimir ..., they spoke under their breath ... (1941–45) This terrain is an omen of the disappearance after the last glimpse of the sky through the branches.
To strive to a memory/ial with no voice and copies, feel the darkness worth of silence, is the ultimate goal.