Imaginary Landscape

architect Krešimir Damjanović
project Shinkenchiku Residental Design Competition 2018_AI House, Honorable Mention


AI will redefine public space. In the near future, the population will radically increase in number, while the need for public space will become more pronounced. AI will locate vital areas for restructuring the urban tissue thus liberating space to accommodate new scenarios.

The restructuring of the urban tissue will be radical, and only the most vital structures will survive. New spatial connections, nowadays inconceivable and unfeasible, will be established. The newly emerging architecture will redefine Nolli’s map of Rome, Piranesi's Campo Marzio, and will propose a new form of city use for the purpose of public space. Nolli’s map of Rome acts as a metaphor, representing a new time through the image of a bygone age.