Understanding Architectural Reality

RCR Arquitectes Workshop
written by Jaume Prat Ortells

RCR Arquitectes are closely connected with the town of Olot, where the career of the architects began, and where the largest part of their oeuvre has been produced. Until the construction of a system of tunnels connecting it with Barcelona, Olot was a noticeably hard-to-reach and a rather isolated town. Communication, for which the architectural office is known, is the result of strictly supervised publications, precise and summarized works, selected drawings and photographs of a strong poetic charge that connects architecture with the unique place that only a few will visit. RCR have gained fame by creating a story about a collection of projects. Background information was insufficient or did not exist. The office was located on the first floor of a building in the very centre of the town and was not open to visitors. It had a reputation of being hermetic.
Thanks to the move to the Barberí, a former smelting shop stretching between two wide city streets, as well as the building of the tunnels to Olot, RCR drastically changed its communication policy. The first floor of the Barberí location contains the main production area of the office, which freed up the space of the ground floor and opened it to the public. It was then that the architecture and landscape workshop has begun. Within this context, the workshop has introduced numerous innovations to the Office, and we will mention the three most important.