Campus as a Landscape

project Thapar University Student Residence One, Patiala, Punjab, India
architectural office Mccullough Mulvin Architects


The architects were given both an overarching masterplan brief and several specific building briefs for the Thapar University site – to design and construct (with DesignPlus Associates Services, Delhi) a series of iconic university buildings which would distinguish the campus and draw it together into a unified plan. All the new buildings will be by McCullough Mulvin and DesignPlus Associates Services. The specific brief included two sets of student residences (which are divided, as is typical in India, into male and female residences) – one for 2000 students (Student Residence One) and one for 500 (Student Residence Two) – which need to include canteen facilities, a large central Learning Centre to incorporate a new library, a block of lecture theatres and a computer science building. Other projects include a Sports Centre, a new Guesthouse, a Venture Lab – for creating and innovating in partnership with industry, and staff accommodation. The buildings are to be located across the campus. The project is a unique experiment, deeply embedded in time and space, construction and ideas extending over a number of years.