Continuous Interior

project Swimming Pool, Borovo naselje, Vukovar, Croatia
author Idis Turato
architectural office Arhitektonski biro Turato


The Vukovar Swimming Pool is located at the site of the old open swimming facility—demolished during the Croatian War of Independence—in the Vukovar borough of Borovo Naselje. The work on the project started back in 2004, and during 13 years the project developed, changed, was built, demolished, stopped and restarted, and completed and trial tested, and the building finally opened to the public in 2017.


The former demolished pool in Borovo Naselje was not just a sports recreation centre, but also a place for gathering, meeting new people, and socializing between the citizens of Vukovar and their guests who came to spend their summer holidays in flat Slavonia. At the site of the former swimming facility, there was a completely devastated rectangular plot, positioned within the defined sports zone – on the south there is a large sports hall, while on the northern side a tennis centre with open terrains and a football field with accompanying contents. 


The new Vukovar Swimming Pool is designed as a compact structure with various water sports contents and programmes. The pool building is a complex structure and heterogeneous compound that simultaneously opens, closes, adjusts, ascends, descends, floats, sinks, blends, and communicates with all its users. Athletes, swimmers, water polo players, synchronized swimmers, amateurs, recreational swimmers, non-swimmers, persons with disabilities, bathers, sports fans, and water sports enthusiasts can all utilize this complex structure in their own autonomous and specific ways—and by using it, they can program it to their needs. Various entrances, passages, passageways, porches, lobbies, halls, and rooms assemble in the designed flows and passages, defined by different modes of use. The building expressively but purposefully programs and adapts to different users.