Transcending the Physical Dimension

project Luka Šokčević Šaljapin Stadium, Gunja, Croatia
architectural office Geplus arhitekti


In 2014, major floods hit eastern Slavonia causing catastrophic damage to infrastructure, including the football one. Croatian Football Federation together with World (FIFA) and European (UEFA) Football Federation gathered funds for the reconstruction of five football fields in villages Posavski Podgajci, Drenovci, Račinovci, Strošinci and Gunja with a new stadium in Gunja which, today, represents the crown jewel of the entire reconstruction.


GEplus arhitekti, as a team of experts for football infrastructure, were selected for the project.


The project was realized in two parts. The first one entailed the construction of four football fields, and the other, a separate project, the construction of the stadium and the reconstruction of the accompanying football field in Gunja.

In comparison to the aforementioned four football fields where the main focus was on restoration, the main challenge and conceptual focus in designing the Gunja stadium was on redefining the typology of small football stadiums in smaller urban environments. The starting point for designing this stadium was simultaneously functional and symbolic.