Framed Openness

architectural office SKROZ
project Commercial Mixed Use Building Within the Franja Hospitality Complex, Rakov Potok, Croatia

Rakov Potok is a rural settlement with very few remaining traditional elements of Samobor region, damaged, in part, by the rapid development of small companies and generic family houses.


This multipurpose building planned for production and hospitality is part of the existing complex of buildings of the family building and Franja family farm, used for housing, as a micro-hotel, restaurant, kindergarten and park for events. The building, part of the Priča Hotel and Želja Park complex, meets the contemporary needs of the hospitality family farm and provides space for many different functions, but also satisfies the social demands of the local population. It is often booked for daily use, however, the programmes do not overlap, but alternate during the day. 


The key principle of the concept of the building continues the topic of the restored complex: determination on the transparent contemporary reinterpretation of traditional architecture, which results in a new architectural complex that does not only fit into the environment but also additionally affirms the lost traditional forms and materials. Nonetheless, the shaping of the building at this specific location was significantly difficult due to the purpose and possibilities of the location. The position between the road, the existing construction, park and the stream, and the vicinity of the high-voltage power line conditioned the limited surface of construction outside the protected corridors and at a reasonable distance from the existing buildings.