Between the Public and the Public Sphere

architects NFO
interviewed by Ana Bedenko, Frano Petar Zovko




Zagreb-based architectural studio, NFO, was founded in 2008 by Kata Marunica and Nenad Ravnić. Their professional beginnings were marked by the intense participation in architectural competitions. Winning the first prize on the concept design competition for the Zagreb Paromlin is especially noteworthy, though they are responsible for numerous urban planning projects in small Croatian towns, as well as the commended realizations in the tourist and residential architecture sphere. We have discussed their work and the models of architectural engagement in the post-transition context with the founders and the two latest partners, Marin Piršić and Goran Rukavina.
ORIS: You studied during the early 2000s and founded your studio in 2008 – your formative years correspond to the real estate boom and the peripheral moment of the Croatian architectural scene. What would you say defined you in terms of design and the profession itself? Which generation do you feel akin to?

NFO: Neno and I (Kata) met in the Radionica arhitekture office in 2006. We worked together for two years, perfected our skills doing competitions, absorbed the conceptual narrative and finally realized we made a good team. We had the opportunity to work on several projects from the beginning to the end, and we gained significant experience and the feeling that we could work independently. It was a period of large projects with substantial financial support, and there were indications that this would continue, so we founded our office in 2008.