Two Conversations with the Context

architects Zoran Zidarić, Tomislav Ćurković
project Family houses Tuškanac and Peščenica, Zagreb, Croatia
written by Maroje Mrduljaš


After a series of meticulously designed and visually impressive interiors completed in the 1990s, during the last fifteen years Ćurković and Zidarić have become known as designers of family houses and urban villas of high standard. Their practice has developed gradually and logically so they almost regularly introduce new concepts which they have explored in a previous stage of their work. Innovations which they introduce in a fully developed form are the results of internal discussions, summaries of previous experiences and uncompleted projects. The subject of ‘interspace’ and the method of articulating the building’s façade by taking from its full volume, which, persuasively and seemingly suddenly, appears at the house in Perjavica, has been tested in rudimentary form in their previously completed family houses and is the result of their interior works.