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BERTOL has more than years of experience in metal machining, and is involved in design and production of innovative glass fittings for the last 20 years.

Our company specializes in design and manufactures all sorts of architectural glass fittings for exterior and interior applications. Among our products are: point fixing systems (horizontal and vertical), sliding and rotating door systems, various stairways, canopies, gazebos. Furthermore, BERTOL manufactures closely related bits and pieces like door handles, knobs, levers and etc.

As an innovative and quality oriented production company, BERTOL does not produce any cast products, and all of our products are machined from high quality stainless steel. Often we take active part in development, analyses, construction and installation phases of the projects that we are involved in.

Most of the business developments as well as cutting edge residential projects that have been built in the last few years in Croatia and more recently outside the Croatia are equipped with our products.

We do not see our organization as a large company producing many standard parts but rather as creative and innovative company who can offer great flexibility of our product line, for all the particular demands of the project. We are continuously developing many special parts to accommodate any needs, also in very limited quantities and in short delivery time in accordance with the requirements of our clients.
[Soft Metal collection by Bertol Metal and designers Kristina Lugonja and Filip Havranek]
Soft Metal re-thinks the ubiquitous glass door handle: fixing points are designed so that they appear to flow into the vertical handle. This simple design element gives the handle a distinctive character but also improves the structural rigidity of the handle. Unlike traditional glass handles that are mostly offered in stainless steel, these handles are made from an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy which is available in powder-coated finishes with various finishes and structures. This allows architects and interior designers for a greater level of freedom.
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