The relaunching of the Italian national system is being driven by the construction industry. In 2021 Italy is aiming for + 6% growth in GDP compared to the previous year. Thanks to the construction sector, at a European level supply chain production in the first months of 2021 increased by 3.3% in the Euro area and by 3.8% in the European Union compared to last year (Eurostat estimates). With this in mind, Milan is preparing to welcome the world of building and construction. In Italy, large international real estate developers are looking with interest above all at the redevelopment of new urban areas, while the latest challenges consist in catching the technological, social, environmental and regulatory trends that are pushing urban agglomerations and their associated industrial fabric to adapt to new collective needs. MADE expo, the point of reference trade event for the design, building and construction sector will take place at fieramilano, Rho, from 22nd to 25th  November 2021 and it will be the opportunity to present an important evolutionary moment in the world of construction. 
MADE expo, which for the first time will be organized directly by Fiera Milano through Made Eventi Srl, (60% owned by Fiera Milano and 40% Federlegno Arredo Eventi), aims to present the full potential of the Italian building sector. It will be well represented by an event which is the most important in Italy and one of the most important in Europe, capable of giving voice to a Building Community represented in Italy by over 700,000 companies and more than 1 million employees; a network of professionals, designers, construction and production companies, craftsmen and women, door and window makers, contractors and buyers who will have the opportunity to visit the over 300 exhibiting companies present in Halls 1, 2 and 3. 
The exhibition layout will be divided into four large theme-based areas. It starts with “MADE doors, windows and industrial closures” for door and window makers, designers, retailers and construction companies and then passes through the “MADE building envelope and outdoor” area, dedicated to opaque and transparent roofing and facade systems, to the glass and solar protection sector. Then there are all the components linked to hardware and software solutions with the “MADE BIM & technologies” area, with which to explore the new opportunities related to the use of Building Information Modeling in the design, construction and maintenance processes of the works. Finally there is the “MADE construction and materials” area, dedicated to the innovation of materials, their efficiency, sustainability and safety. 
“Fiera Milano is ready to welcome the entire event network, offering exhibitors and operators a unique experience capable of expanding and highlighting the importance of a professional exhibition” says Mario Franci, CEO of Made Eventi S.r.l. and Chief Revenue Officer of Fiera Milano S.p.a.. “There is a widespread desire to go back to meeting people in person, touching products and systems and showing up close and in detail all those innovations that the market has not been able to present in the last year and a half. As always, in addition to the product sectors, MADE expo will offer moments of B2B meeting during which the issues of energy sustainability and innovation in the building and construction sector will be looked at. We will also be talking about new business models from the point of view of design and plant engineering. In addition, thanks to innovative digital services, exhibitors, buyers and visitors will be able to experience the trade show both in a physical format and a digital version.” 
In actual fact, the multi-channel system available during visits to the event means that all the different exhibition attendees will be connected through a well informed community with access to a new event App, My Matching, Webinars & Live Chats, the Exhibition Blog and the Digital Signage present inside the Rho Fiera Milano exhibition centre. In addition, many of the events and conferences will be streamed on digital channels. 
“This year's edition takes on even more importance, demonstrating the willingness of organizers and exhibitors to return to having direct contact with all those involved in a sector that if you were to describe it as transversal, it would probably be an understatement” says Gianfranco Marinelli, president of Made Eventi S.r.l. and President of Federlegno Arredo Eventi S.p.a. “Construction - and this is certainly nothing new - represents an extremely important economic driving force: when bricks are set in motion, industry and the economy are set in motion, and it is precisely with this in mind that I believe it is necessary to take action in our capacity as involved supply chains to ensure that tax incentives are renewed in the next Budget law, starting with the facade bonus, earthquake bonus, eco-bonus, renovations and furniture so that the driving impetus and thrust that the construction industry is giving to the country's economy does not stop”. 
MADE expo will also offer a calendar of more than 100 events, which are validated for the earning of  training credits. They will be divided into four major events (ArchInTrend, Forum Legno Edilizia, The place to build and SerramenTalk) which will offer opportunities for developing and transmitting  ideas and trends emerging from the related sectors. All the current themes and issues will be provided with ample space during the training courses planned during the event, including the issue of quality of living. During the period of the health emergency, houses have taken on new value, living comfort has become an essential requirement and state bonuses have made large redevelopment and renovation works accessible, so there will be in-depth studies dedicated to the 110% Superbonus. In Italy, there were over 46,000 building projects linked to the 110% Superbonus with a value of €7.5bn and in September alone, there was an increase of +24.4% in the number of projects and +31.8% in the fiscal value, or in other words approximately 9,000 more projects worth €1.8bn (Ance data). At a regional distribution level, Lombardy is in first place with more than 6,000 projects with a value of  €1.12 bn. 
“We are convinced that from both an economic and social point of view the government measures relating to the PNNR and the 110% Superbonus represent important levers in supporting a strategic sector like construction for the Italian nation” says Marco Recalcati, Head of Real Estate Italy. “Like UniCredit we have put in place a dedicated and structured task force to support the 6 missions of the PNRR and an innovative range of loans (called sustainable future) for companies that are committed to improving their sustainability profile, as well as important collaborations with significant partners in order to fully digitize all the practices relating to the transfer of credit deriving from the 110% Superbonus.”  
The key themes of the next edition of MADE expo look not only at current events but also at the future, with contents and proposals in line with the evolution of the construction world designed to accompany professionals and companies as they move towards new scenarios. This has also been made possible thanks to the support of a number of institutions. 
“We in Lombardy have long been committed to the path of sustainable development” said Raffaele Cattaneo, Lombardy Region Councillor for the Environment and Climate. “In addition we are at the forefront of the circular economy. Production of special waste in Lombardy, according to 2018 data, stands at 32 million tons, of which 13 are inert resulting from demolition and construction. It is a growing trend (+35% compared to 2010) in which inert construction and demolition waste account for approximately 40%, with an increase of approximately 3.9 million tons compared to 2010. However, Lombardy has seen an increase in the recovery of waste as a new material, which went from 63% in 2002 to 83% in 2018. In order to establish policies that take this evolution into account, the Lombardy Region has set up an Observatory for the circular economy and energy transition in order to adopt the best possible solutions for the recovery of material, in collaboration with operators through the study and creation of an industrial procedure that has placed us at the forefront of the path towards the circular economy. This has already produced concrete results, such as the market for inert materials and the recycling of waste from the steel industry”. 
As always, ICE, the Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies, is working alongside MADE expo in promoting the event abroad with the aim of identifying it as a physical place where companies can present their product innovations internationally. 
MADE expo will also be an opportunity to rethink the construction sector in a sustainable key, focusing on innovation and expressing the theme of sustainability both in terms of materials and processes. The construction world is heading towards an increasingly green future, aiming for buildings that are more attentive to health and environmental impact. Globally, sustainable construction expects to reach a value of $187.4bn by 2027. This trend has also been confirmed by the World Green Building Council, according to which infrastructures and buildings will aim to reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2030, and 100% by 2050. 
“The future of construction has a common thread that runs through different sectors in every dimension and individual type” says Regina De Albertis, president of Assimpredil Ance. “For us, looking at sustainability means putting the right value on doing business. This means keeping three fundamental pillars in mind at the same time: the social aspect, so that construction is the leading player in the creation of genuinely human communities; the ecological approach, because the eco system in which we operate must be protected and respected, and finally the economic element because in addition to countering the climate emergency this wave of regeneration will bring benefits in terms of business development and the combating of energy poverty. A fundamental aspect, which runs through all the other three, is that of collaboration: we are looking at the entire sustainable supply chain, because if these values are embraced by everyone involved (including suppliers), a virtuous drive will be triggered that will lead to the creation of a more circular and responsible society.” MADE expo will be held on the same dates as two other industry events, SICUREZZA and SMART BUILDING EXPO. A single ticket is available that will allow the optimization of investment, visiting times and resources along with the maximizing of opportunities for discussion and updating, but above all offering the world of designers and installers an all-round proposal.The appointment schedule is therefore at Fiera Milano from 22nd to 24th November 2021 for SICUREZZA and SMART BUILDING EXPO and from 22nd to 25th November 2021 for MADE expo.
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