Exhibition: Illustrations That Tell Stories



Oris House of Architecture is pleased to announce the opening of exhibition Illustrations on Thursday, 28 September at 7 pm, sponsored by Artelior, international architecture and interior design practice. The works on display are a result of a series of interviews called Snapshot interviews that were conducted from April to August 2017 in collaboration with the site Büro 24/7. The exhibition will be open to the public until Tuesday, 10 October.

The closing event will include a charity auction of the exhibited illustrations. All funds will be donated to Pragma, association that works on improving social and health care conditions of the socially deprived.

The exhibition consists of 50 illustrations that were made for the series Snapshot interviews conducted with 10 young authors from Croatia and Serbia. The word snapshot signifies a brief insight and information that enables us to have a glimpse into someone's character.

The concept was founded on all participating authors responding to five identical questions through their primary medium of expression – illustration. Instead of written answers, they drew stories about themselves. Different in format and techniques, these works give a unique introspective with which they reveal the intimate world of the artists’ and reveal things that are easier to draw than to write down. With this overview and with the accompanying exhibition, we get to learn even more than we were meant to.

This exhibition tells the stories of foolishness and love of the following illustrators: Davor Gromilović, Klasja Habjan, Tea Jurišić, OKO, Klara Rusan, Killa slova, Manuel Šumberac, Stipan Tadić, Hana Tintor i Dominik Vuković.

The author of the interview concept and the exhibition is Lana Petrak.

Lana Petrak was born in Zagreb in 1988. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, and acquired additional education in München and Amsterdam. In addition to working in the field of architecture, she often works on different interdisciplinary projects and international workshops. In her spare time Lana is an eager follower and promotor of visual arts, especially young up-and-coming artists. Lana currently lives in Zagreb and is working at Artelior.