Since the 80th issue subscription to the magazine includes membership in the Oris club.

The subscritpion is 350.00 HRK and it includes

-            annual subscription to Oris magazine,  (6 issues + postage)
-            10% discount on the publications of Oris library
-            10% discount on all events organized by Oris
-            discount on services and products of our partners and club members
              in accordance with the current offer

Become a member of Oris club. Subscribe to Oris magazine

If you buy a new subscription or renew your annual subscription, you will get three issues of Oris magazine (up to and including the 79th issue) of your choice*.

*HP Ekspres postage fee for 3 gratis issues of Oris magazine, in the amount of 25.00 HRK in the territory of Croatia, is paid by the recipient. If the postage fee changes, you will be notified.  You can collect the magazines in person at our office at 3 Kralja Držislava Street, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays. The postage fee for sending the magazines abroad is charged according to the current price list of Hrvatska pošta and is paid to Oris when the subscription is purchased.