Exhibition: Maria Mulas - Italian Portraits



On Tuesday, 8 March at 7 pm the exhibition Italian portraits by Italian photographer Maria Mulas will open in Oris House of Architecture.

The exhibition is organized by the Italian Cultural Institute, and Oris House of Architecture.

Maria Mulas has set her portraits in the spaces in between posture and spontaneity, coincidence and setups. Her favorite subjects have always been artists, critics, architects and designers, but she has also taken portraits of writers and publishers, actors and actresses, journalists and intellectuals, the ones who have for one reason or another spent some time in Milan or have just briefly visited the city and marked its cultural history. Mulas prefers, but does not insist on, photography in black and white while using classical postures. However, sometimes her photography lets a certain element slip in, such as a fragment of landscape, place, moment or situation, but the identity of the subject remains recognizable.

Photography presented in Zagreb exhibition was produced in the span of thirty years. The time in question is the time when Mulas met many of her models. In every portrait she produced, one can trace the fashions and the context of the moment when the pictures were taken. 

Martina Cognati, curator of the exhibition

Some of Maria Mulas' models include notable figures such as Gillo Dorfles, Dario Fo, Lea Vergine, Nanni Moretti, Ettore Sottsass, Gianni Colombo etc. In addition to her series of portraits, Zagreb public will have a chance to see some of her more private works, including her self-portrait that was used as a cover for one of the books (Maria Mulas – Miraggi, Leonardo Arte, 1998) dedicated to the artist.

The exhibition will be on view in Oris House of Architecture up until 16 March, after which it will be moved to and on view in the Italian Cultural Institute. 

Free admission.