Lecture by distinguished translator Mate Maras / 3 December 2015



Mate Maras, a distinguished Croatian translator will deliver his lecture on Thursday, 3 December 2015 at 7 p.m., in Oris House of Architecture.

The subject of his lecture will be Hamlet, William Shakespeare's great work. Mate Maras will analize the story, and intruduce the audience to the art of translation of the classical works, 

The interview with Mate Maras, conducted by Vera Grimmer and Joško Belamarić for Oris 92 can be found here.

Mate Maras was born in 1939 in Studenci near Imotski. He finished the V Grammar Secondary School in Zagreb and graduated in Mathematics and Physics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Following that, he worked as a high school teacher, editor in publishing houses and at the Croatian Radio, as well as the secretary in the publishing house Matica hrvatska. He spent seven years in diplomacy as a cultural attaché in Paris and Washington. He has translated mostly from English, Italian and French. For his translation of Rabelais, he was awarded the Grand Prix of the French Academy. Among other things, he has translated Guido Cavalcanti’s Rhymes from Italian, Songs of the first French poetess Marie de France from ancient French and the epic Beowulf from old Anglo-Saxon, as well as Robert Frost’s collection The Smell of Apples, consisting of a hundred poems, from English. He has composed the Rhyme Book of the Croatian Language and published a book of poetry entitled Kasna berba (Late Pickings). He has also completed the translation of the entire oenvre of Shakespeare.