Lecture by Spanish Architect Andrés Cánovas



Andrés Cánovas, famous Spanish architect will deliver a lecture titled Less types and more topos. on Monday, 14 March 2016 in Oris House of Architecture.

The lecture will concentrate on the social context and the established relationship between the context and collective inhabiting. The architect will examine the understanding of built architecture as a heritage of the present and the future, and the ways in which the actions taken on the current heritage will later on become heritage in their own right, thus creating new content.

Andrés Cánovas,  Atxu Amann, and Nicolás Maruri founded their office in 1987 in Madrid. From then on, they have been teaching at the ETSAM (Madrid School of Architecture). They have been focusing on researching new housing units types and housing blocks reconfiguration, in regard to contemporary public space and urban issues. As an office, they have received more than seventy national and international awards, such as the Best State Subsidized Housing Block given by the government of Madrid, the Best Architectural Proposal by the government of Murcia, the First Prize of Zaragoza Biennale, the National Housing Award and the National Award for Preservation of Archaeological Heritage in 2012. They have recently exhibited at the AA in London, in NAI Rotterdam, in IIT Chicago, in Arizona CAPLAN, at the Venice Biennale, at the Cervantes Institute in Rio, Sao Paulo, Paris, Rome and New York, in AEDES Gallery in Berlin, at the RIBA in London, and in many schools and association of architecture in Spain. Their work has been published in more than three hundred magazines and books worldwide.

Admission is free. The lecture will be in Spanish with simultaneous translation into Croatian.