Presentation of the Interview as part of Glenn Murcutt's Exhibition





On Tuesday, 3 March 2015, at 7 p.m., as part of the exhibition of the work of Glenn Murcutt at the Oris House of Architecture, there will be a screening of the interview of Aleš Vodopivec with Glenn Murcutt, that was filmed in 2012 in Musem of architecture and design, in Ljubljana.

Murcutt also told me later that he used to camp at a location for days so that he could truly get to know the place which is, according to him, essential for understanding architecture. To know the place for him means not only to know its history, but the climate conditions, its altitude and latitude, precipitation, humidity, winds, the path of the sun, underground
waters, surface waters, terrain conditions, plants, insects, birds and other animals, etc. He believes these are all distinctive features of the area telling us how we should develop it.

Aleš Vodopivec

The exhibition of the work of Glenn Murcutt – One House, original drawings by hand of one of Glenn Murcutt's projects,
is open until 7 March 2015.

Free admission