The Painterly Oeuvre of Ivan Vitić / 16 April - 6 May 2016



The exhibition of paintings by Ivo Vitić will open on Saturday, 16 April 2016 at 7 p.m.

A great number of his works is created from memory. He uses sketches to record moments, in pencil, felt pen, sometimes even with a brush and some color, like the time when he was in London searching for a boat to buy. These moments are not here to be archived and put aside, Vitić keeps on coming back to them, dedicating his complete attention and infusing them with a new life as they are turned into paintings. Once, twice, as many times as needed. Relaxed and unhindered, he unpretentiously opens his mind, eyes and hands to the motifs of life that surround him, motifs of life that live in his memory. 
from the catalogue of the exhibition

Ivo Vitić (1917. – 1986.) graduated from the Technical Faculty in Zagreb in 1941. Ran the Vitić architectural office from 1951. Major built works: primary school in Šibenik, 1947; Ražine housing block near Šibenik, 1951; residential settlement in Vis, 1952; Baldekin housing development in Šibenik, 1952; Social Insurance Institute building, Zadar, 1958; Pavilion, Zagreb Fair, 1958; Army Hall in Šibenik, 1961; Army Hall in Komiža, Island of Vis, 1961; housing on the corner of Laginjina St and Vojnovićeva St, Zagreb, 1957–1962; motels in Biograd, Trogir, Rijeka; high-rise buildings at Spinut, Split, 1965; building of political organizations by the river Sava, Zagreb, 1961–1968.

The exhibition will be on view until 6 May 2016.

Free admission.