Young Artist Night at Voncimer - Tea Jurišić / Katarzani



The first Thursday in the month is reserved for the Young Artist Night at Voncimer. A young artist will present their works, a band will play their music and the crowd will enjoy the programme in pleasant conversations and with a glass of drink.

But the older are also not forgotten. The visitors of Voncimer will have the opportunity to see the exhibited works of the new stars of the Croatian art scene during the following week.

Young Artist Night is conceived as a student event, a combination of exhibition, concert and a play, which is presented by the young and students whose time is yet to come. This combination of several arts should result in the greater interest of the young for culture and the art of their generation. Whether it will succeed, we leave up to you to come and see!
The first Young Artist Night will be opened this Thursday by the exhibition of Tea Jurišić and the play of the Katarzan band. You will be able to have a drink and socialise while looking at excellent paintings and listening to the great acoustic music of the Katarzan group, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Tea Jurišić was born on 15 January 1991 in Munich. After attending the School of Fine Arts in Split, she enrolled the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2010. With time she grew fond of illustration and eventually took the class of Applied graphics under professor and mentor Svjetlan Junaković.  Along with illustration she also does painting, drawing, photography, comics and design. From the beginning of her studies she has regularly exhibited at group exhibitions in Zagreb, Split, Makarska, etc, such as NUS – Split, Tinove večeri – Vrgorac, IlustrAlu – Zagreb. She participates in many art colonies and workshops. As student she participated in the projects for the plays The Nightingale and Orpheus and Eurydice for the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall. 

The exhibition Dramatic mythologies consists of the two series of illustrations which are still being developed simultaneously. The name originated as the combination of two cycles which are not connected, other than by the size of the format and the technique. Mostly all the works are ink drawings, with small segments of colour inserted in certain parts of the painting.  The dimensions of the paper are 70 x 50 cm and the works have been created throughout the year 2015. When I was studying ancient architecture, I came across an extremely short version of the complete Greek mythology.  A completely useless and absurd article drew my attention and made me laugh. It was about the declination of Zeus’s name in old Greek and it was longer than important mythological stories. After such revelations in the book, I threw myself into the myths, stories and scenes worthy of the Monty Python group. I wanted to illustrate stories, not the original ones, but their versions set in the modern time. 

Dramatic Sea Adventures is the series which was developed at the beginning of 2015 and consists of small ink drawings, watercolours and bigger paintings in ink and colour. I have chosen the motifs from daily observation of the Dalmatian people, fish, the sea, sidewalk cafes, the sun and cigarettes.  The life in Dalmatia is slow, especially over the winter and everyone just wait to sit in a café, soak up the sun, light a cigarette and enjoy their coffee in good company and talk. Although I like that style of life, I wanted to portray life at the sea (especially that in the sea) from a different perspective, where everything is full of life and murmurs, turns and laughs, jumps and swims.

Tea’s works can be found under the name KVAR illustrations.

Katarzani describe themselves as an interest group with the goal of promoting fun and dance. They are organised like a military-musical junta with the modus operandi: playing until catharsis or death. The band members are Ana, Widian, Franjo, Marko, Jan and Marko (Selim), and they  experiment with different genres; pop, rock, funk, disco, R’n’B, electro and hip hop. They mostly perform covers of modern hits which will be performed in a light, acoustic version at the first Young Artist Night this Thursday.

For more information on Katarzani click HERE.