Anatomy of Disquiet

architect Álvaro Siza Vieira
project Museum for Iberê Camargo Foundation, Porto Alegre, Brasil
written by Ana Dana Beroš


It is almost unimaginable to relate a fear of the whiteness of paper or drawing the first line to the name of Álvaro Siza, a leading figure of Portuguese, or to be more precise, world architecture. Sketches by this obsessive draughtsman are more similar to unreadable EEG printouts, like condensed notes on the edge of manic enchantment and fragmented consciousness. In the search for synthesis, in transformation of the stream of consciousness into perfect images, with accepting common sense as a contradictory body, it still seems that there is a discipline and self-control of the creative process. In accordance with this: a restraint, which is as authorial as his very handwriting, as each and every one of his sketches.