New Times in Dolenjske Toplice

architect Jurij Kobe
project Dolenjske Toplice Cultural and Congress Centre, Dolenjske Toplice, Slovenia
written by Rok Žnidaršič


They are all in essence equally worthy of our attention, for they show a place where man came upon an obstacle but did not come to a halt before it, but overcame and bridged it as best he could, according to his skill, taste and the circumstances which confronted him.[1]


Articles on architecture are too often focused on the formal design of the building as something to yearn for, while they fail to focus on the circumstances under which (or because of which) a certain building took shape while its role and its relations with its surroundings are even less in focus. That is precisely what the building of Kulturno-kongresni Centar Općine Dolenjske Toplice (Cultural and Congress Centre of the Municipality of Dolenjske Toplice) needs. Due to its high level of integration into completely different contexts, characteristic of Kobe’s work, this architecture is difficult to present, unless the background of its genesis is made visible.

[1] Ivo Andrić