Ecology Sewn into a Concept

architects gerner°gerner plus
project Residental building Thürnlhof West, Vienna, Austria
written by Wojciech Czaja


The large Viennese construction site Thürnlhof is an example of careful building in terms of resources. Approximately one thousand new apartments were built in this way. Of these, 114 are situated in a residential block by gernerºgerner plus architects.


The surroundings of the central Viennese cemetery usually do not radiate vitality. Many things find their ending here; in these surroundings, few can find their beginning of life. In Thürnlhofstrasse, just a few steps away from the big necropolis, everything is different. The City of Vienna used a free area in order to construct, on both sides of the street, an adequate project in ecological terms, which can be showcased.