Rocks Studded with Steel

architects astearchitecture
project Mountain Peak Platform - Top of Tyrol, Mount Isidor, Austria
written by Vera Grimmer


Such is the mountain observed from a certain distance. It is all steepness, easy victory, unquestionable victory. Its uppermost part made of hardened snow and grey, slightly glittering smooth rocks reminds one of a shield or armour, of some fine work set in steel, or silver. And the entire elongated peak edifice in front of pale skies could also perhaps bring about the impression of a huge craft, which does not only sail over earthly waves, but also sails into eternity. This is a quotation from Ludwig Hohl’s short story Bergfahrt (Journey to the Hill). In the short story by the Swiss writer, actually a parable about life and death, the conquering of a mountain peak is a metaphor of life’s struggle.