TŽ: To Be Heard

architect Tonči Žarnić
written by Tomislav Pavelić


“Paradoxes make you understand time and think about it. A crucial thing about architecture is to be a participant, to examine reality and to avoid amnesia. In fact, architects used to be counter-cultural, but they have become merchandize with a recognizable image. I want to relativize that. It contradicts the very definition of art and architecture as a specific form of the culture of challenge. Sometimes I see the word Šintolerance’ as a synonym of architecture.”


The lecture of Tonči Žarnić at the Days of Oris will surely be neither a conventional presentation of constructions and designs (i.e. would-be constructions), nor a theoretical discussion of his own opus or general issues beyond his personal reach. It will certainly be a genuine Žarnić-style lecture, making no actual difference between the personal and the general, between “true” design and the theoretic considerations of architecture as a medium, between a speech before freshmen at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb and a discussion with comrades or initiates, since it is all the same to TŽ, and any division is artificial.