A Tale From the Vienna Woods

architects Nataša Radics-Jovanović, Christian Radics
project House H, Beč, Austria
written by Vera Grimmer


The decision to build one’s own home is a step taken usually once in a lifetime, a step on a path of challenges, doubts, soul-searching, and essentially a voyage with an uncertain result. Still, the final destination of that voyage can change the life of an individual or a family, giving them new substance and new values. This is precisely what happened to the Hofmanns, a German studies expert and a social scientist, who decided to use the lot they inherited on the western fringe of Vienna to build a small summer house where they could spend weekends when the weather is nice and not return to their city apartment until Monday morning. After a while, the situation reversed; now they live in the new house and go to their city apartment only occasionally.