Metamorphosis Between the Urban and Rural

project Black Treefrog, Bad Waltersdorf, Austria
written by Angelica Fitz


The municipality of Bad Waltersdorf, situated in the mildly hilly landscape of the Styrian thermal spring region, possesses the authentic charm of Austrian countryside. Despite all the ominous portents, it seems that the often-cited phenomenon of the “interurban area” that is eating up our rural regions and leveling their identity is still very remote. Next to the centrally located church is the intact village core, consisting of farms and family houses with flower-decorated balconies. The mere fact that the aqua park and the thermal complex are expanding ever more on the outskirts of the town indicates that this could easily be the case of a staged idyll or of rurality artificially preserved for the needs of tourism and leisure. Behind the church and the village well is the old fire station.