architect Nikola Bašić
project Sea-Organ, Zadar, Croatia
written by Emil Šverko


The question “have you heard the organ” seems quite defined, since, at least on the coast, the actual resonance of the collective consciousness is unambiguously defined by the term of Zadar’s sea organ. Undoubtedly it belongs to Zadar as much as the “just in case” half signed paintings belong to Bućan or poetically speaking, to quote the stand-up comedian Pervan: it is not necessary to call a coat a winter coat, since there is no reason to distinguish it from a summer coat.


Therefore, it is not surprising to find the organ on the covers of tourist brochures and leaflets as the latest attraction, but also as an imprint of the times, thus forming part of a long line of motifs from the rich tre­asury of Zadar’s historical and cultural heritage.