The Envelope for a Bright Core

architects David Mišić, Ljubo Mišić
project Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Maribor, Slovenia
written by Janko J. Zadravec


Maribor is a special town,
A special regular town,
With regular houses,
Regular problems,
A regular and lazy river,
That flows regularly - downstream.
Even the clouds over it are becoming regular...
(instead of a regular wise quote)


The industrial tradition in Maribor, established in the mid-19th century when the railway arrived in town, kept growing and was maintained as a result of engineering know-how. The political and economic shocks of the last decades have not eradicated it. The consciousness of its importance spawned the first seed of the new university in the 1950s, when the Engineering High School became the Engineering Faculty, divided into departments in the 1990s.