Apollonian and Dionysian Houses

written by Lenko Pleština


Most family houses are made of brick, concrete, wood, and glass, but some are also made of imagination. This essay is about them.




Apollo and Dionysus are also made of imagination.


God of beauty, light and the Sun, the guardian of life and order who would depart to the land of Hy­perboreans in winter in his golden chariot drawn by swans and return in spring raising people’s spirits, Apollo, with the golden lyre and silver bow was the patron of art, poetry and music. He led the choir of the Muses, goddesses of fine arts. He was equally respected for his divine rule over the Sun and light which give life and for his patronage over harmony and beauty which give meaning to that life. Apollo is associated with a number of glorious antique pieces of architecture and is the inspiration of sculptors to this day. Apollo Belvedere of the 4th century BC has been the paradigm of masculine beauty through the centuries. (Even though, like all gods, he had several lovers, it is curious to note that the opposite sex did not find him all that attractive, regardless of his divine beauty and distinguished position on Mount Olympus.