architect Frits van Dongen
project The Whale Apartment Building, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
written by Dimitri Waltritsch


The work of the Architekten Cie office in Amsterdam occupies a prominent place in the field of architectural design in the Netherlands, not only in the number of built projects and the sheer size of its output, but also because of the variety of interests and leanings of the partners in the firm. Frits van Dongen, one of the four office founders, counts as one of the most remarkable architects in the overall panorama of Dutch architecture in the past decade, above all for his housing design and, more recently, for his design for tertiary functions and special events buildings. His work in town planning can also not be overlooked. 


Van Dongen’s architecture intervenes in a sculptural way into the existing context by organising it and by laying down guidelines for the city’s future development.