Sued.See Project

architects gerner°gerner plus
project Sued.See, Jois, Gradišće, Austrija
written by Liesbeth Waechter-Böhm


It all depends on the mayor. We face this fact with every architectural sightseeing tour anywhere in Austria. Nothing new will happen if the mayor does not want it to happen. And, most often, he will not want it to, not only because he himself lives under a sloping roof but because this roof type (covered with tiles) is the only possible type approved by many smaller municipalities around Austria. 


However, the regulations allow interpretations more suited to the times, as evidenced recently in a house built in Jois, Burgenland. There, husband and wife architects Gerner+Gerner found a client ready to hear new ideas and wishing to have his dream come true. They were lucky to come across a mayor open to this new initiative. Let us note that the mayor is having a standard sloping-roofed house built for him next to this house.