Folded Row House

architects Svebor Andrijević, Luka Korlaet
project Residential Complex, Dobri dol, Zagreb, Croatia
written by Tonči Čerina

The project task and demands of the investor can be approached by taking the easy way out, which is something that architects mostly do not do. Such is the example of a residential complex in Jordanovac neighborhood designed by Svebor Andrijević and Luka Korlaet. Whether it be the disposition in the space and the relation to the existing neighborhood, the shifted border among the individual and the collective, section and plan of the apartment or the moderate shaping, these features reveal the designer’s continuous examination of the already applied solutions.

By their thoughtfully composed complex, the authors manage to continue the inherited noble atmosphere of the urbanism of Dobri dol area and residential verticals designed by architect Aleksandar Bakal, thus showing by example how the relatively recently constructed neighboring residential buildings missed their opportunity.