The Richness of Thoughts Not Things

project Atelier Donassy 02, Zagreb, Croatia
author Vanja Ilić
written by Vera Grimmer


It is not often the case that the space realized with so little means presents so many architectural themes, as is the case of the D-02 fashion atelier. Through the synergy of the two artists, the fashion designer Branka Donassy and the architect Vanja Ilić—who are also mother and daughter— a remarkable, flexible space was realized, based on research and experimentation. Located in an until recently lacklustre city passage, the neglected shop has experienced a stunning transformation. However, it was only cleaned, the portal was kept and refurbished, the walls painted, while, as regards the craftsmen, only an electrician was hired; there were no construction works, and even the unattractive ceramic tiles from the 1980s were kept as some kind of archaeology of the space. Everything else was created by creative recycling, original design processes, and a conceptual programme.