Growing Up of the Child in the Park

authors Menzi Bürgler Architekten
project Renovation and Extension of the Felsberg School Complex, Lucerne, Switzerland
written by Josip Jerković, Marta Lozo

The ambitious architectural works located next to Lake Lucerne will be first to capture the attention of visitors to Luzern. This meticulously built scenery is not surprising if you consider the centuries-old tradition of tourism in Luzern. Nevertheless, if we remain at this first gesture, we will be deprived of many subtle and refined architectural moments and stories this city holds. One of such stories is the Felsberg School complex, located on a hill not far from the centre of the city. 


This plateau northeast from the old city centre that gives a view of the whole city, the lake and the mountains, was recognized as a place with excellent spatial qualities back in the mid-19th century and was used as a tourist facility when the Felsberg Pension was built. The Pension was planned as a pavilion hotel and it was with its construction that the landscape design of the park started, and it has remained the crucial element of the spirit of the place until the present day. 


During WW2, the City acquired ownership of the Felsberg Pension and decided to build a primary school at the location. In 1943 they announced an open architectural competition and the expert jury awarded 5 projects out of 43 entries. The project Child in the Park, designed by architect Emil Jauch, won the first prize and was recommended for construction.