House of Good Intentions

authors 3LHD
project Blok Bužanova Residential Complex, Zagreb, Croatia
written by Luka Korlaet


Multi-residential architecture of Zagreb has always displayed ambitions of its designers: from the urban apartment of the second half of the 19th century with its equally large rooms connected in an enfilade, through typological shifts between the two world wars initiated by modernist questioning of hygienic and technical standards supported by the development of structural systems (especially in the projects completed by Loewy and Planić), Galić’s maisonette advances inspired by Le Corbusier to Bernardi’s programmatic Flat of the Near Future at the turn of the 1950s. The latter two examples seem as if they were merged by Tomislav Odak in his projects completed in the 1970s and 1980s (Dugave, Sloboština).

Typological research of the residential plan has continued to this day, as we can see in the projects by Jošić and Galijašević in Rudeš neighbourhood from the early 1990s (skilful combination of the characteristic floor), Ilijanić and Milenković in Novi Jelkovec neighbourhood from the early 2000s (variation of the so called Klein’s plan) or the continuous research of Hrvoje Njirić, which are just some of the bright examples of the aforementioned ambition. Designers from the 3LHD studio have continued this line in the best possible manner with the recently completed multiresidential building in Bužanova Street.