Complex Purism

architects Emil Šverko, Gorana Banić
project Church of Croatian Martyrs, Čavoglave, Croatia
written by Nikola Popić


I first heard of Emil Šverko at the opening of the 11th Youth Salon in 1979. The young artists who exhibited were Tonči Žarnić, Vedran Mimica, Veljko Oluić, Dražen Juračić, Aleksander Laslo, Kuzma Kovačić, Slavomir Drinković, Boris Bućan, Igor Kordej, Goran Trbuljak. It is still fresh in my memory – The Art Pavillion, cold Zagreb’s fall, with winter approaching. In the crowd, there was Ivan Crnković, Professor Begović's assistant, admired by the students, whose kindergarten in Samobor and the gallery in Praška Street we fanatically frequented; he was standing lonely against the wall with a glass window of the ticket office, completely absent, while the speakers were interrupted by applause.