There is no Australian Architecture, there are Australian Architects

written by Aleš Vodopivec

Richard Leplastrier, Office Encampment, Wyong House, Wyong, Australia, 1976

My first visit to Australia was the result of my growing interest in the work of Glenn Murcutt, which I knew only from books and magazines. Immediately before I left, I happened to read a thin book Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award 2004, which was totally dedicated to the awarded Australian architect Richard Leplastrier. On page 16 I saw a photograph of the architect which surprised me: he is shown planning a house in a makeshift working tent. His words are next to the photograph: For many buildings I have camped on site, many days and nights, with a drawing board. It is the best way to feel a place out. The form of the terrain, its effect on climate, the path of animals and the sun. Where do you put your campfire.