La rue-corridor

written by Žana Radetić


Les rues-corridor font la ville corridor. Toute la ville est un corridor...Que diriez-vous d’un architecte vous soumettant un plan de maison tout en corridors?

Le Corbusier

Précisions, 1930


The draft illustration showing La rue-corridor is an authentic document of the famous and long-lasting LC discussion from the beginning of the 1920s about the street and the necessity of its total transformation in the new and modern world. Shaped by market logic and previously unmotorised traffic, obsolete defence or technological reasons, the street form of a fissure (rue fissure) or generally – a hallway – usurpingly framing the sky, that is, the light, the air and the views, was the creation of the traditional world city of all cultures, its vital organ and trademark through the centuries.