The Architecture of Life

written by Davor Pavuna

Our civilisation


Although it seems to be very successful at first glance, since we have a lot of visible ‘grey’ technology, our civilisation is actually very primitive. Even to the superficial eye it is quite obvious that people are being exploited everywhere and that we are being manipulated by several dominant centres of power and influence. Moreover, although science is sometimes idolised, it is unquestionably true that we are at the very beginning of science. Even in a very successful science, physics, we (still) do not know what represents around 95% of the Universe, so-called dark energy and dark matter! Physics is a planetary universal, since Newton, a quantum science, which describes all manifestations in nature as a ‘dance of energy’ and includes over a hundred size classes (see Table 1) in successful models tested in critical, precise experiments. Physics does not measure or nominally describe Love, but definitely ‘touches upon’ – Consciousness.