LIS wall-hung installation system from Laufen



Solutions in front of and behind the wall from a single source: LIS wall-hung installation system from Laufen
The LIS installation system from Laufen provides bathrooms from a single
source - in front of and behind the wall. This pays off especially in commercial construction, because it simplifies the construction process when only one contact person is needed on the manufacturer's side. In addition, LIS provides the certainty that the installation will run smoothly, as the components behind the wall and the design elements in front of it fit together perfectly.
The Laufen Installation System (LIS) is suitable for nearly every construction system in drywall, wet and brickwork constructions, and for wall-hung or in-wall construction. The advantages provided by the self-supporting steel frame are clear: On the one hand, the bathroom planner has more freedom to design the bathroom, whilst on the other the industrial prefabrication by the quality manufacturer makes the building time and costs easier to plan. It also provides security with a warranty and compliance with the relevant industrial standards (EN14055 class 1 and 2). In addition, costs are reduced because the easy planning saves time. The fitting and adjustment time for craftsmen is reduced, because fitting and adjustment of the wall-hung element only requires one person.
Because no other specialists are required apart from the plumbers and possibly the tiler, the number of interfaces is reduced, together with the number of possible sources of error. The end user on the other hand has just one contact person, and the service is provided from one source – as a rule from the sanitary and bathroom specialist. Equally gratifying for the end user is that installation using LIS means less noise, dust and dirt is produced.
A complete system for almost every application
The Laufen Installation System offers solutions for washbasins and bidets from the Swiss bathroom specialist and for wall-hung and standing WCs. It can also be combined easily with Laufen's innovative shower WCs Cleanet Riva and Cleanet Navia, as there is a separate pre-wall element for them that also keeps open the option of retrofitting a shower toilet at a later time. All wall-hung elements for the WCs feature a cistern with water-saving dual flush with 6/3 litres, which can also be set to 4.5/3 litres; an option with a preset 4.5/3 litre cistern is also available.
The matching mechanical actuator plates are available in different surface finishes: matt or glossy chrome, white, matt black, or vandalism-proof stainless steel. In addition, two electronic sensor-controlled glass actuator plates available either in stylish black or elegant white can be combined. All actuator plates are characterised by understated and timeless design, durability and ease-of-cleaning.
Laufen also offer different options for urinals: The company supplies preconfigured wall-hung elements for urinals without integrated control, with integrated control, and waterless urinals. LIS is also available with a pre-installed control box for urinals without integrated control. The network version contains a Bluetooth module for support and maintenance of the basic settings via SmartControl app (iOS & Android). 
The scope of delivery for all wall-hung elements includes a building protection set which protects the connection fittings against accidental damage during building work right up to the final installation of the bathroom fittings; sound insulation sets are also available.
Laufen has developed the LIS installation system for all those applications where washbasins, toilets, shower WCs, bidets or urinals from the Swiss bathroom specialist have to be installed fast, securely, and economically.
Photo credits: Laufen