20 Revolutions: Geography Students’ Club Zagreb


Revolution is the sum of events that directly leads to a qualitative change. In an astronomical sense, it represents the Earth's annual tour around the Sun. Geography Students’ Club Zagreb (KSG Zagreb, Cro. Klub studenata geografije Zagreb) has been active since January 1999, which means that by this year, 20 revolutions will have occured since the beginning of the association.
In its past, the Club has seen many revolutions which changed our way of work, introduced numerous innovations and ultimately led us to the current state of affairs - we hold more than 120 members, organize various local and international events, spread the word about geography all over Croatia and Europe, collaborate with many associations and institutions, and most importantly – truly enjoy every moment!
Therefore, we invite you to join us on January 18th at Oris – House of Architecture (Kralja Držislava st. 3) at the 20th anniversary celebration of our, no longer so small association. All geographers and those who feel so are welcome - older and younger members, students, professors, friends ... We are looking forward to a number of retrospections on the work of the Club, reunion of old and young members, transfer of knowledge and ideas of unrealized projects. We will certainly try to look into the future of the Club upon entering its third decade of official action. 
15:00 – 16:30 Geography Students’ Club Zagreb vision 2020.-2030.: motivational workshop for members 
17:00 – 19:00 20 revolutions of Geography Students’ Club Zagreb : ceremonial programme 
19:00 reception 
21:00 Birthday party (Kolding caffe, Berislavićeva street)