DDZ 2018: REBOOT: Backstage of Progress



On June 7, 2018, festival Design District Zagreb produced a comprehensive exhibition REBOOT: Behind the scenes of progress that opens on June 14 at 8 pm in the abandoned Military Hospital in Vlaška street. The exhibition is curated by Tatjana Bartaković.
For the first time in one place the leading regional design-brands are gathered, most of which have already proven their success in the world's premium furniture and furniture market. Among the selected brands are some that will be premiered, such as Zanat (BiH), Mitja (SLO) and Rex-Kralj (SLO), Prostoria (HR), Regeneration (HR), Element (HR), Artisan (BiH), Group (HR), Vau (HR), Nunc (HR) and Owl (HR). What separates them from other designers is the willingness to change, motivated by the knowledge that existing values need to rise to a different dimension of business and cultural activity. The visual appeal of the Reboot exhibition will surely also contribute the visual design designed by the architectural studio BIRO, in which the finesse of the finished products is accentuated by the appearance on the soft red carpets created by Regeneration, exclusively for the exhibition. The visual identity of the exhibition is signed by Iva Hrvatin for Superstudio. The exhibition can be viewed during the Design District of Zagreb festival, from June 14 to June 17 in the evening hours.