IDA Design Awards Honorable Mention 2018 won by Borjana Katić



IDA Design Awards Honorable Mention 2018, in the category of professional Graphic design, was won by designer Borjana Katić for the graphic design of the monograph Transcending Oppositions – Tadao Ando’s Recent Works.
The International Design Awards (IDA) is one of the most important awards given to the best realizations in the field of Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic, and Fashion Design for the last 12 years. The monograph will be published in the annual publication IDA Book of Design.  
Tadao Ando monograph is a publishing project made in close collaboration with Tadao Ando Architect and Associates, which presents the recent realizations of one of the greatest protagonists of Japanese and international architectural scene. The book opens with a preface by Juhani Pallasmaa, closes with an essay by Tadao Ando and includes an extensive interview based on discussions conducted between Tadao Ando and Maroje Mrduljaš in Osaka in 2010 and 2016. The monograph is organized in four thematic sections which tackle specific topics of Ando’s prolific work: Dwelling – Fundaments of Architecture, Architecture and Nature – Constructing Landscapes, Urban Conditions – Strategy of Active Voids and Cross-cultural Dialogues. Authors of the texts are Juhani Pallasmaa, Maroje Mrduljaš, Karin Šerman, Luka Skansi, Ana Bedenko. 
Monograph design is completely inspired by Ando’s poetics. The back and front cover of the book are based on Ando’s landmark signature – concrete with visible traces of formwork – the recorded process of genesis that becomes a shaping quality and reflects Ando’s spirit by a minimalistic and purified form. Use of tracing paper at the beginning of each chapter gives an impression of airiness and play of light and shadow, which evoke the beam of light at the Chichu Art Museum in Naoshima, as well as the gradual sensory adaptation provided by the design of the architect. Distinctive typography of the titles of the chapters and topics reflects sequential, authoritative and bold lines of walls that radiate peace and dignity. Subtle typographical play on the title page of the book reveals the name of the architect and is contrasted by an effective typography on the spine.