Immersive School of Architecture 2019.



I M M E R S I V E  S C H O O L  O F  A R C H I T E C T U R E
11th - 17th of April
Trenta, Triglav National Park
Richard Leplastrier
Peter Stutchbury
Maruša Zorec

Aleš Vodopivec
Matej Gašperič
A. Saša Ostan
6 days, 6 mentors
and respectful architecture in the focus.

Immersive School of Architecture (ISA) is an architectural summer masterclass organized by Biro Gašperič under the patronage of OZ.E.TECTURE – Australian Architectural Foundation. It is supported by Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture, Museum of Architecture and Design, OUTSIDER magazine and Open House Slovenia and selected partners from the construction industry.
It takes a form of an intensive workshop where participants and tutors will be working and socializing in a secluded area amidst Slovene Alps.
Through the tasked project, topics like reading the land, composition, natural materials, human scale etc. would be addressed. The work itself will be complemented with the daily critics by tutors and guest critics as well as with the lectures from them and some guest lecturers as well.

Immersive School of Architecture is meant for architecture students in the last years of their study who want to broaden their horizon and learn about respectful and responsive architecture.
In order to benefit from the cross generation exchange, a limited number of places is opened to accomplished architects as well. 
Note: For the students of Faculty of Architecture (FA), Ljubljana, it has been agreed that some Credit Points will be awarded to participants. For more information contact FA.