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year: XXI - 2019
language: Croatian, English
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The topic of the new issue of Oris magazine is education and community facilities and we are especially happy to present several recently realised domestic projects: Primary School in Popovača designed by Mia Roth Čerina and Tonči Čerina (Viktor Kovačić Award), American International School in Zagreb by Sangrad + AVP, Jelkovec High School by Neno Kezić and Emil Šverko, Football Stadium in Gunja by GEplus architects, Swimming Pool in Vukovar by Idis Turato and the Bowling Alley in Zaprešić by Marko Cvjetko and Miron Hržina. You can also read a text by Maroje Mrduljaš about the competition design by Studio UP for the Špansko Oranice Elementary School from 2005.  Federal School Aspern by fasch&fuchs.architekten (Mies van der Rohe nomination) and Thapar University Student Residence One by Irish architectural studio McCullough Mulvin Architects are the presented foreign projects. The 116th issue also includes the interview with Darko Radović, architect, urban planner and professor at the Keio University in Tokyo, new interior design project by Vanja Ilić for Atelier Donassy 02 and Aljoša Kotnjek’s diploma paper on the influences of the Far East on the memorial architecture of Edvard Ravnikar. 

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